Paul Stanley Defends Robert Plant Against Sad Led Zeppelin Fans

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In a recent conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock, Paul Stanley of Kiss took a moment to speak in defense of Robert Plant, the legendary Led Zeppelin frontman. The discussion turned towards the concept of artistic freedom, where Stanley highlighted the criticism Plant faced from some Led Zeppelin fans for pursuing his musical interests beyond the band’s legacy.

Stanley emphasized the importance of artists following their passions, acknowledging that while not everyone may appreciate Plant’s current direction, an artist must stay true to what they love doing. He likened Plant’s situation to a sports analogy, stating that just as a peak athlete like Wilt Chamberlain couldn’t perform forever at his prime, it’s unrealistic to expect Plant to recreate Led Zeppelin’s magic today.

Stanley also addressed the inevitability of not pleasing all fans with one’s artistic choices but stressed the significance of making music that satisfies the artist. He believes that if the music fulfills a need for the artist, it will likely resonate with others on some level, regardless of its popularity.

Regarding Robert Plant’s current endeavors, he’s actively touring with Alison Krauss, with their ‘Can’t Let Go’ tour set to begin on June 2 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and conclude in Vail, Colorado, on September 1, featuring 30 dates with more potentially being added. Despite his ongoing musical projects, Plant has expressed challenges in finding the right words for new songs, and experimenting with recording techniques but facing hurdles in lyrical creation during these complex times.

Paul Stanley has long considered Led Zeppelin, and specifically Plant, as one of his significant musical inspirations. Reflecting on a memorable performance by Led Zeppelin at the New York State Pavilion in 1968, Stanley recounted it as a pivotal moment in his life, one that set a high bar for what he aspired to achieve in music. Despite acknowledging the vast gap between his abilities and those of his heroes, Stanley’s career with Kiss has indeed reached global acclaim, illustrating the impact of those early influences on his successful journey in rock music.

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