Paul Stanley favorite Kiss’ Songs

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There is no doubt that Paul Stanley is one of the most popular or famous rock music artists of all time and why wouldn’t he be? after all he is the co-founder and frontman of the popular rock band Kiss. Furthermore, Stanley is also the co-writer as well as the writer of the band’s most popular songs. Stanley is also listed as one of the 100 best metal vocalists of all time.

He has also won several awards including Lifetime Achievement Award from the House Research Institute, Classic Rock Awards, Classic Gold Telly Award, and more. Certainly, Stanley has one of the biggest fans around the world. And as a fan, we also have our own favorite song from the Kiss band.

However, does the frontman Paul Stanley have any favorite songs from his own band? if he does then what Kiss song is his favorite? all of these questions will be answered in this piece, keep reading to know more.

Paul Stanley’s favorite Kiss song

As mentioned above Stanley is one of the most popular music artists of all time. Stanley along with Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss founded the legendary rock band Kiss back in 1973. Kiss is also one of the best-selling bands of all time with over 100 million records sold globally. Furthermore, Kiss is also the band with the most earned Gold albums in the United States.

Now moving on to the topic, what is Stanley’s favorite Kiss song? well, it is truly unfortunate that Stanley has not revealed this. Although Stanley did not mention it as his favorite, he did in fact talk about one particular song from Kiss. So what song is this?

That song is “Shout It Out Loud” from Kiss’ 1976 album Destroyer. Talking about the song Stanley said, “Maybe that’s why our audiences were all smiles,” he further added: “We were singing about how good life could be and how much you could accomplish by believing in yourself. Despite what the religious protesters said, Kiss was all positivity. Hell, all anyone had to do was listen to the lyrics from our mission statement off Destroyer, Shout It Out Loud.”

As per Stanley shout it out loud is a song about self-love. The song gives the message not to feel sorry about yourself. Furthermore, the song is also about having good times. And we can even understand if this is Stanley’s favorite song from his band.

Well, we can understand because this song is a favorite of many of us. There is a reason why this song became one of Kiss’ biggest or most popular songs. Moreover, it was also the first single track of the band to top the charts as it was listed on 31st on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 in Canada. Furthermore, this track was also listed in no. 11 on the Billboard 200 and remained on the list for over 80 weeks.

As mentioned Stanley did not mention it as his favorite however, he said that shout it out loud is one of the most important songs from his band. And it isn’t surprising even if its Paul’s favorite song from the band.

Is the Kiss a satanic band?

Formed back in 1973 Kiss is a super famous band that has millions of fans around the world. And the band was really popular for their surprising live performances as they used to shoot rockets, spit blood, and levitate drum gears. Moreover, they were also famous for their outfits and face paint.

With all these unique and surprising things, many people believed that Kiss is a satanic band and they promote satan and they are the devil’s or satan’s worshippers. People even started coming up with various conspiracy theories like their songs have hidden meanings or satanic messages which can be heard if their records are played backward and they also stated that the full form of Kiss might mean “Knights in Satan’s Service, Kinder in Satan’s Service, or Kids in Satan’s Service.” However, are all the allegations true?

Well as mentioned there were and still are people who think Kiss is a satanic band and they ruin the minds of people who come to their shows or concerts. In an interview Paul and Gene were asked, “let’s look at your motives for a while when you guys come on network TV and you’re dressed up like this and you refuse to unmask what are your motives, is it pure hype or you’re just doing it for the money?”

Paul then replied, “we’re a band we have an image that we try to project as you try to project a certain image by wearing that sweater and tie. I think you try to look your best and give the public what they expect from you and we pretty much try to do the same. This is the image we’ve worked years for people to really it comes to mind when people think of the word Kiss why dilute that by destroying people’s fantasies really we’re dealing with mystique.”

Moreover, Paul has also talked about the allegations in his book Face the Music: A Life Unmasked. In the book, he writes that some protesters believed that the band was Satanic. However, he explained that the band was not satanic nor did they try to attack religion in any way.

For example, many falsely believed that Kiss’ song “Rock and Roll All Nite” is harmful and satanic. People even have created videos titling rock and roll all nite exposed. However, Paul wrote in his book, “Kiss wasn’t even about rebellion. We didn’t tell people to tear anything down or to refuse to play by the rules. We said, ‘Become who you want to be.”

In the song, they were not talking about fighting or going against the system but the song was about self-empowerment and believing in one’s self. He added, “The ultimate rebellion wasn’t fighting the system, it was circumventing the system and living your life fully. And what the band represented for me personally, I thought it could also represent for other people — for fans.”

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