Paul Stanley on Phil Collins’ Struggle to Perform on Final Genesis Show

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Phil Collins has had his mark in the musical world for a very long time now. Genesis’s member Collins is a remarkable person, and with the Final Genesis Show in London, we got to know about the behind-the-scene story from Paul Stanley.

Genesis formed in early 1967, went on to become one of the most prominent bands in the whole world. With the announcement of a reunion back in 2019, Collins went on to reveal that the show in London would be the final show.

Phil Collins has had physical problems for the past 15 years. He had an injured vertebra in his upper neck which resulted in nerve damage. The singer also suffered from a fall which made him very hard to walk and had to walk with a cane.

The frontman of KISS Paul Stanley also commented on Genesis’s career recently on Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast. He addressed the ongoing career of Phil Collins as Genesis concluded their career with a performance in London. In the podcast appearance, he went on to say that it was hard to watch him perform on the show because the struggle was real. But he also said that artists have every right to continue performing as long as they want to and are pleased with what they are doing.

Paul was also confronted with the hate they were getting as it was labeled as their very last performance. He went on to say, people should rather not go to the show than a complain about the situation. He said he felt empathy toward Collins as his health struggles could be seen on the stage.

Paul Stanley commented about Phil in the way addressed below,

“My point of view on that is whether it is an athlete or a performer, they have the right to continue doing what makes them happy. And you have the right not to go but people who go, ‘Gee, I wish he wouldn’t be up there doing that because I want to remember him [a certain way],’ don’t go. They’ve already fulfilled not only what mattered to them but given you so much joy.”

Back in the day, also a chat on BBC Breakfast News, he said he could barely hold a drumstick. This was also around the time, he revealed that the American tour and English tour were the last ones.  In an interview with Mojo Magazine he said, “This English and American tour, that will be enough for me,” When he was asked about the question mark on the tour’s title he even said, “Yes. The question mark was Tony Banks’ idea,” marking that this will be his very last live performance.

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