Pete Townshend from The Who Notes Similarities Between Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey, Suggesting Led Zeppelin and The Who Each Had Their Own ‘Rock God’

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Pete Townshend of The Who shared insights into their initial focus on male fans and observed Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant drawing inspiration from Roger Daltrey’s “rock god” persona.

In a recent interview on the Broken Record Podcast, Townshend discussed The Who’s strategic shift from appealing to teenage heartthrobs to resonating with a male audience through songs about their experiences and struggles. This approach, he believed, would create a lifelong fan base, akin to sports loyalty in the U.S.

The transformation of The Who’s audience began with the metamorphosis of lead singer Roger Daltrey, especially after the “Tommy” movie. Daltrey’s new style and presence attracted more female fans, but not to the extent of bands like The Rolling Stones.

Townshend credited Daltrey’s evolution, particularly his appearance in the Woodstock movie, with influencing Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. He noted that Plant adopted a similar style, complete with natural ringlets and a physique-displaying wardrobe, following Daltrey’s example. This shift, Townshend remarked, led to both bands boasting their own versions of a “rock god.”

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