The Who’s Pete Townshend Opinion on Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan is considered one of the most influential figures in the world. Dylan came to New York in the 1960s and became part of the folk-rock music genre. His career kicked off when he gained a reputation after playing in coffeehouses and clubs in Greenwich Village. What people loved about him is his unique and poetic lyrics which addressed many social and political issues.

Another talent who hailed back in the swinging sixties is Pete Townshend. He is known for his work in The Who, which was formed in 1964. The band gained popularity for their live performances and like Dylan, they also had power in their lyrics.

The sixties were a turbulent time. There was the rise of every kind of band and artist. The genre also varied with new genres coming out every new day. Pete Townshend was only 16 years old when he started listening to Dylan. And what he thought about Bob would go on to be true. He knew Dylan would influence a whole new surge of artists in the coming days.

In an interview with the Montreal Gazette in 2006, he shared the prediction he had about Dylan.

This is Bob’s due, his time, his legacy, and his destiny. From the first moment I heard this wonderful man when I was just 16, I knew he would one day change the world, change the function of the song, and make a billion dollars.” He also added,

The last part is possibly still to come. His friendship with Steve Jobs of Apple has been surprising but wonderful. It’s so great to hear Bob speak, to read his thoughts about his work and his life, to see him interviewed. Maybe now he’ll understand that if he had opened up to us sooner, we would have made him richer sooner. For my part, he’s given me enough to last many lifetimes.”

He also had other things to say about Bob. It was back in 2016, on ‘Who Am I: A Conversation’. The interviewer asked whether Bob Dylan and Brian Wilson were two of his main inspirations or not. He agreed with the question and praised Dylan. About Brian, he said he was a proper composer and a sonic producer. Pete then talked about Dylan and said he was a master. Townshend explained he is creative and not because of his lyrics. Pete added, “You’re an expert folkologist is infuriating to be a Dylan fan. You know, someone like Roy Harper is always banging his head against the wall saying that ”Masters Of War’ was written in Scotland in 1706!'”.
Bob Dylan is a legend. His poetry and music combination was exceptional and granted him a haven in the music world. He also used his platform to talk about all the problems society was going through. This shows how timeless his music actually is. Bob played everything from, country, blues, and funk to reggae and Christian rock. He is truly one of the greatest singer-songwriters who have stepped on this planet.

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