Peter Gabriel Releases a Poignant and Poetic New Single, “So Much”

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Fresh from his captivating performances in French-speaking countries, Peter Gabriel has gifted fans with his latest single, perfectly timed with the mesmerizing full moon. Prepare to be moved by the poignant and introspective sounds of “So Much.” Take a moment to immerse yourself in this extraordinary musical experience.

In discussing the song’s creation, Gabriel revealed his deliberate approach, aiming for simplicity and depth. He wanted the chorus to be effortlessly catchy yet profound in its harmonies and melodies. The goal was to create a track that resonates with listeners, offering both relatability and a unique touch.

“So Much” ventures into profound themes of mortality and the passage of time, exploring subjects that might typically be seen as bright and joyful. However, Gabriel, reflecting on his own journey, expressed how reaching a certain age forces a choice: either evade the reality of mortality or wholeheartedly embrace it, seeking to live life to its fullest. For him, the most vibrant and alive cultures are those that acknowledge and honor the inevitability of death.

Delving into the meaning behind the title, Gabriel shared a personal insight. He confessed to being a seeker of new ideas and creative endeavors, constantly fueled by inspiration and the desire to explore diverse artistic paths. Embracing the chaos and diversity of these ventures, he acknowledged that this passion and drive also come with a limited amount of time. “So Much” symbolizes the delicate balance between pursuing countless passions and the need to manage time effectively.

Continuing his tradition of releasing music during the full moon, Gabriel has prepared an exceptional treat for his fans. In addition to the original version of “So Much,” the single will be accompanied by a collection of thoughtfully crafted mixes. Tchad Blake’s “Dark-Side Mix” was unveiled on July 3rd, while Mark ‘Spike’ Stent’s “Bright-Side Mix” and Hans-Martin Buff’s immersive Atmos mix, “In-Side Mix,” will be released later this month.

As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await the release of Gabriel’s forthcoming album, i/o. With its expected thought-provoking and soul-stirring compositions, this album promises to be yet another testament to Gabriel’s musical genius. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary sonic journey that transcends boundaries and touches the depths of your soul.


Peter Gabriel – So Much (Dark-Side Mix)

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