Peter Jackson Says More Beatles Music ‘Is Conceivable’ After Release of ‘Final’ Song

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This week marked a significant moment in music history with the release of “Now and Then,” hailed as the final song from the iconic band The Beatles. This track, initially a 1977 John Lennon demo, was transformed into a complete Beatles composition, thanks to the efforts of Peter Jackson, renowned for directing “The Lord of the Rings.” Jackson, who also directed the music video, suggests that this might not be the end of Beatles’ surprises.

Jackson shared his vision of potentially creating new music by blending elements from the Beatles’ “Get Back” performances. He imagines isolating John Lennon and George Harrison’s parts to combine them with new contributions from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. While this idea remains in the realm of possibility, discussions with McCartney haven’t happened yet. Jackson describes this concept as a dream for any Beatles enthusiast.

Paul McCartney played a crucial role in bringing “Now and Then” to fruition. He used AI-powered sound separation technology, similar to what Jackson employed in his 2021 documentary series “The Beatles: Get Back,” to extract and enhance Lennon’s original vocals. The song was further enriched with George Harrison’s guitar recordings from 1995 and fresh drumming by Ringo Starr, creating a harmonious blend of past and present.

Jackson expressed a sentimental connection to the song, acknowledging that it may not be a complex masterpiece like “I Am the Walrus” or “Penny Lane,” but it possesses a unique, haunting charm. For him, the Beatles symbolize a source of joy, something he believes the world needs more of, especially in its current state. He likens the arrival of this final Beatles song to a fantastical event, akin to a flying saucer landing, bringing with it a message of cheer in the form of music.

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