Phil Collins’ favorite band of all time

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A drummer for the progressive rock band Genesis, Phil Collins is a British singer, composer, and drummer. Before being chosen as Genesis’ newest drummer, Phil Collins was just a polite young man in the British mod movement. Some of the most recognizable tracks in pop music history, including “Invisible Touch,” were written by him.

When Phil Collins was coming up as an artist, there were not that many bands that had a great run. Collins chose The Action as his top choice when asked which band he preferred, citing them as the inspiration for his decision to join a band as a youngster. Collins gravitated toward the Mod scene and was impressed by The Action’s stage presence despite having some prior theatrical exposure from his youth.

During his interview with Music Times, he said, “In the 1960s, I was going to The Marquee Club, and I discovered them one night. I went to see them every night they played. I’ve since got to know them.”

The Action was a British beat and garage rock band from the 1960s. The Action drew on roots in the spirit. The group played a key role in introducing a soul component to rock and roll throughout their discography.

The band encountered one fall after another as they persevered throughout the 1960s. Despite some incredible performances, the band struggled with management, and the once-five-piece group eventually shrank to a quartet when lead guitarist Pete Watson became sure they wouldn’t advance.

Although the band’s style had little to do with the progressive rock that Genesis would produce, Collins’ solo work occasionally shows their impact. Collins could perform in intricate time signatures, but the soulful side of the Action inspired him to later cover soul music, such as his rendition of the Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love.” Collins‘ love for slow blues jams enabled him to write songs like “Sussudio” later on because the Action wasn’t playing them. After disbanding in 1969, the band reunited in 2000 for a few shows. That’s when Collins played the drums for the band. He recalled the experience and said, “I got to play drums for them a couple of years ago at the 100 Club, and although the edge had gone and it was nostalgia, for me, it was like playing with the Beatles.”


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