Phil Collins’ Response To Noel Gallagher’s Public Diss

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In 1997, when the Labour Party emerged victorious against the Conservative Party in the U.K. general election, there was talk that singer Phil Collins had pledged to relocate to Switzerland. Many believed it was due to his apprehensions about the Labour government’s tax policies targeting the affluent. Subsequent to the election, Phil indeed left England, which only fueled the speculations.

One of the many who believed these speculations was Oasis’ Noel Gallagher. Fast forward to the 2005 general election, Gallagher took a playful jab at Collins by saying, “Vote Labour: if you don’t, and the Tories win, [Collins] might just return from Switzerland, and we certainly don’t want that.”

While Gallagher had made cheeky comments about Phil before, this particular jest prompted a rare public response from the Genesis lead singer. In a 2008 interview with The Times, Phil addressed Gallagher’s remarks:

“It’s not about whether he appreciates my music. But it does bother me when he misrepresents my political stance. He’s drawing conclusions from a quote that wasn’t quite accurate.”

Phil was referencing the widespread belief about his supposed vow to leave the U.K. if Labour won the elections.

Setting the record straight in a 2016 chat with the Independent, Phil emphasized that he never leaned towards the Conservatives. He revealed that his move to Switzerland in the late 90s was due to a romantic relationship, and not politics.

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