Phil Mogg Confirms UFO Is Done: ‘It’s Come to a Conclusion’

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Phil Mogg has announced the official end of UFO.

“It’s reached its conclusion,” confessed the frontman during a discussion with UCR’s Matt Wardlaw. “We wrapped up that final U.K. tour in 2019, just before COVID hit. So, that marked the end of it, and it felt like the right time.”

Originally, UFO had envisioned a grander farewell. Commencing their farewell tour in 2019 to coincide with their 50th anniversary, the dates extended into 2022, culminating in the announcement of a final show scheduled for October 29 in Athens, Greece.

However, fate intervened when Mogg suffered a heart attack two months prior to what was to be their last performance. Following doctor’s orders, Mogg had to step away from the stage. Regrettably, the remaining dates of the farewell tour were scrapped and never rescheduled, with a July 16, 2022 concert in Germany now standing as their ultimate gig.

In a recent development, UFO has released an expanded edition of their seminal 1977 album, Lights Out. This reissue includes alternate versions and a newly-mixed recording of their inaugural performance from the Lights Out tour.

Reflecting on the album’s production, Mogg reminisced about working with Ron Nevison, renowned for his work on the Who’s Quadrophenia. Nevison’s influence brought a fresh perspective to the band’s sound, injecting a new level of professionalism that Mogg appreciated, despite the challenges of working with band member Pete Way.

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