Pink Floyd Send A Message To Fans After Their Support For ‘Hey Hey, Rise Up’

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The English rock band Pink Floyd has always inspired millions with their unique psychedelic music. They are also always actively seen at charity events. Recently, they used their fame and music to help spread awareness about all the people suffering from the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Of course, their fans responded very well to the band’s endeavor. Pink Floyd’s new track titled “Hey, Hey, Rise Up” featuring Ukrainian musician Andriy Khlyvnyuk has raised quite a sum of charity money. The band announced on Twitter that the track has raised over £450,000.

Pink Floyd’s new song will benefit Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief

As mentioned above, the music band announced that they have “so far raised over £450,000 to help alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people.” They also stated that their new track Hey, Hey, Rise Up will benefit Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief. They wrote, “Pink Floyd’s new single, Hey Hey Rise Up – feat Andriy Khlyvnyuk – is out now worldwide. All proceeds of the song will go to Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief.”

Moreover, they also thanked all their fans who supported their endeavor to help people suffering from the war.

First Pink Floyd song since 2014

The charity song was released on April 8 this year, and it is also the first song by Pink Floyd in 8 years since 2014 when they released their double album titled The Endless River. Furthermore, we can also say that this is also completely new material from the band since their fourteenth studio album, which was released in 1994.

Moreover, Khlyvnyuk is said to be the inspiration behind this new song. Khlyvnyuk, who’s originally from the Ukrainian band BoomBox, was on a US tour when Russia invaded Ukraine. After the invasion, he immediately returned to his country to serve. Later, he recorded the Cappella version of the 1914 Ukrainian anthem.

As per the reports, David Gilmour was pretty sensitive about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and when Gilmour heard Khlyvnyuk’s song, he was moved and wanted to give it a Pink Floyd touch and release it to spread awareness and use this piece for the sake of humanity.

Back on December 23, Pink Floyd announced, “David Gilmour and Nick Mason have made this up to £500,000,” and it would be distributed to various humanitarian charities including Hospitallers Ukraine Aid. They also stated, “Let’s see what else we can do this winter. It would be great if you feel able to contribute to any of these charities directly.”

It is really inspiring to see a legendary band like Pink Floyd insistently working to spread awareness and help all the victims of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

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