Priscilla Presley denied her wish to be buried next to Elvis sparks controversial family feud

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Priscilla Presley has a heartfelt wish for her final resting place: to be laid to rest alongside her loved ones.

The 77-year-old expressed her desire to be buried next to her late ex-husband, Elvis Presley, and their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley when the time comes.

In a statement, Priscilla shared that although she has no plans of going anywhere soon, she and her family hope to honor this wish. They are grateful for the love and support from their fans.

Recent reports suggest that Priscilla’s request was not granted in a settlement reached with her granddaughter, Riley Keough. Elvis was laid to rest at his cherished Graceland estate, where his grave rests beside those of his parents, Gladys and Vernon.

Lisa Marie and her son, Benjamin Keough, who tragically passed away in 2020, are also buried there.

Priscilla and Elvis were married in 1967 after meeting eight years earlier. Although they separated in 1972 and Priscilla went on to marry and divorce Marco Garibaldi, she has consistently referred to Elvis as the love of her life.

Regarding the recent settlement with Riley Keough over Lisa Marie’s trust, Priscilla clarified that all confusion has been resolved. In a statement, she emphasized that there was never a lawsuit against her beloved granddaughter.

The family is pleased with the resolution and hopes for privacy to grieve Lisa Marie and spend quality time together properly.

Priscilla expressed love and appreciation for their supporters, assuring everyone that the Presley family remains united.

Lawyers representing both parties confirmed that the families are happy and looking forward to the future.

Riley’s attorney expressed her satisfaction with the settlement, stating that she wouldn’t have agreed to it otherwise. Settlement requests will be submitted under seal for the Promenade Trust and insurance trust.

At the moment, representatives for Riley Keough have not provided any comment following the settlement.

However, a source close to the family revealed that Riley is relieved to have resolved the estate dispute and wishes to avoid further conflicts with her grandmother.

The source added that Riley is still mourning the loss of her mother and wants to focus on creating cherished memories with her own daughter, making it her top priority.

“My family has resolved all confusion as it relates to our plea to the court and requests for document interpretation after my daughter Lisa Marie’s untimely passing,” Priscilla said in a statement shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

“Although some media identified such a plea as a lawsuit, I want to make clear that there was never any lawsuit filed against my beloved granddaughter.”

She continued: “As a family, we are pleased that we resolved this together. My family and I hope that everyone will grant us the privacy we need to properly grieve Lisa Marie and spend personal time together. We love and appreciate all of you and the Presley family is stronger than ever.”

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