Rachel Bolan Says Sebastian Bach Wasn’t The Main Character Of Skid Row’s Birth

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In a recent Radio Forrest podcast, Rachel Bolan, Skid Row’s bassist, revealed that most of their album was already in the bag before Sebastian Bach, their iconic lead singer, came on board.

Bolan indicated that about 98% of the album was complete, clarifying Bach’s role during the band’s early days.

The album’s genesis largely involved Bolan and guitarist Dave Sabo, who were both active in their bands but collaborated on songwriting. This partnership laid the foundation for Skid Row.

Bolan highlighted that he and Sabo were the primary songwriters, though they were open to contributions from others.

Skid Row, formed in 1986, welcomed Bach in 1987. Bach, despite joining later and leaving earlier than some members, believes he is the most recognizable face of the band.

He recalls being identified by fans on the street, unlike other band members, attributing this to the public’s perception.

Interestingly, despite Skid Row’s long career, they’ve never played at Madison Square Garden, a milestone Bolan hopes to achieve before the band winds down.

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