Red Hot Chili Peppers: Anthony Kiedis apparently doesn’t consider himself a musician

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During a recent episode of the podcast “This Little Light,” hosted by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, an interesting revelation emerged about the band’s frontman, Anthony Kiedis. It appears that Kiedis does not consider himself a traditional musician, as he expressed during the candid conversation.

The podcast, which featured interviews with various members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, delved into personal and emotional topics. Anthony Kiedis’s interview took place on June 29, following the episode with guitarist John Frusciante on June 22. Flea reflected on his favorite interviews when asked by the Los Angeles Times, and he highlighted the one with Kiedis.

During their conversation, Flea mentioned that Kiedis doesn’t view himself as a musician and has never received any formal musical education. In fact, Kiedis once humorously suggested renaming the band to “Idiot and the Three Geniuses,” which drew criticism from some. Flea compared Kiedis’s vocal abilities to those of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, noting that Kiedis doesn’t possess the same range.

However, Flea disagreed with Kiedis’s self-assessment, emphasizing that he considers Kiedis to be a talented singer. Flea revealed that when they first formed the band, Kiedis couldn’t sing a single note and simply shouted. Over time, Kiedis developed his melodic skills and even ventured into improvisation, demonstrating growth and improvement.

In Flea’s eyes, what truly matters for a musician is their ability to sound like themselves. He praised Kiedis for his unique vocal style, stating that nobody else sounds like Anthony Kiedis. Flea listed iconic singers like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, and Roger Daltrey as great vocalists, but he highlighted the importance of individuality in music.

Meanwhile, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently on a European tour to promote their two latest albums, “Unlimited Love” and “Return Of The Dream Canteen,” both of which were released last year.

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