Remembering Lisa Marie Presley: Best Lisa Marie Presley Songs

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Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis Presley got into a music career just like her father. She developed her career as a musician and delivered three albums and many singles. Often, straying away from life, after her father passed away she lacked direction and discipline.

Despite that, she went on to become a singer and starred in some movies. During her teenage years, she listened to Devo and the Sex Pistols. Being the daughter of Elvis Presley, she didn’t want to pursue a career in music, but later on, followed it anyways.

Her personal life was also tumultuous. She married her longtime boyfriend, Danny Keough in 1988 and had two children. Sadly, the marriage couldn’t last for very long, and later confirmed she was with Michael Jackson. Three years later, she also divorced Jackson. She was also infamous for getting in a relationship with actor Nicolas Cage and married him in mid 2002.

After her split, in 2003 spring, she released her debut album, ‘To Whom It May Concern.’ She was not really comfortable with pursuing something her father did. However, the album said otherwise and sold 140000 sopies during its first week. It was number five on Billboard and a huge success.

Her second album proved her as a very successful songwriter. The album ‘Now What’ featured Lisa as co-writer on ten of its 12 songs. It was released in the spring of 2005. This time too, her album reached the Billboard Top Ten album chart. Her third effort came a little late in the spring of 2012. It was produced by T-Bone Burnett and was called ‘Storm & Grace’. She also has deut versions of some of her father’s songs.

In recent years, she was more active in her career. She’s had her share of hardships and filed for divorce from her fourth husband in 2018. She had also released her EP ‘Live From the King’s Room’ last year.

On January 12, 2023, Presley died due to cardiac arrest at her home in California. According to various news sources, her heart was restarted after CPR en route to the hospital. She died later that day at the age of 54. She is survived by her three daughters, a half-brother Navarone Garibaldi, and her mother, Priscilla Presley.

Remembering her, here are some of the best songs by Lisa Marie Presley

Lights Out 
Dirty Laundry
The Road Between
So Lovely
Nobody Noticed It
Over Me
Close to the Edge
So Long
Soften the Blows
Storm of Nails
How Do You Fly This Plane?
Sticks and Stones
Storm & Grace

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