Rickey Medlocke Confirms Johnny Van Zant’s Plans To Release New Lynyrd Skynyrd Music

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Johnny Van Zant is giving the green light to new Lynyrd Skynyrd music, according to guitarist Rickey Medlocke in a recent conversation with Dr. Music. Medlocke confirmed that he and Van Zant have been discussing recording new songs and have amassed a substantial amount of material. The idea of a new record had been brewing even before the passing of Gary Rossington, with Van Zant and Medlocke eager to bring these songs to life. They hold onto tapes filled with memories of laughter and camaraderie with Rossington, making the prospect of releasing this new music all the more meaningful.

This potential album would mark Lynyrd Skynyrd’s first release since 2012’s ‘Last Of A Dyin’ Breed,’ but there’s a twist for rock fans eagerly anticipating the new record. Van Zant previously hinted that their latest project would be a departure from their signature rock sound. Instead, they are working on a gospel album, as Van Zant revealed on his social media platforms.

Regarding the band’s future, Medlocke expressed optimism, citing inspiration from bands like The Rolling Stones who continue to perform. He teased the idea of Keith Richards joining Lynyrd Skynyrd on stage, drawing parallels between their enduring careers and the potential longevity of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s music journey.

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