Ringo Starr Always Liked Yoko Ono Because of Her ‘Crazy Ideas’

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Despite Ringo being the last one to join The Beatles, he was a key component in The Beatles. He was the drummer for the Beatles, who occasionally sang along with his bandmates, and was also a great co-writer counterpart to the Paul-Lennon duo. Starr was the last thread that held the band in their final days.

With a success level like anything else in those days. Ringo was the one who helped the Beatles in their later years. Still to this day, the relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono is widely blamed for breaking up. The romance between them sheds light on a whole lot of new things between the band.

John Lennon being with Yoko Ono indeed brought complications to the band. After Lennon started dating Yoko, he became less interested in the Beatles. Back in 1966, John revealed that he had no interest in The Beatles. However, he did perform his job and was with the band until its disbandment in 1970.

The rest of the band was not happy with the statement. Paul McCartney was not really a fan of Yoko. George even insulted Yoko to her face. According to George, Bob Dylan had told him about her ‘lousy reputation’ in New York. That was the reason John and George had a big argument about Yoko performing at The Concert for Bangladesh.

However, Ringo was very different. Yoko often times got bad reception from the Beatles, but Ringo was unlike any other. According to many Lennon, Ringo and Ono clicked right away. They met at an art gallery back in 1966. Lennon and Ono were really close all the time and she often times was present at the recording sessions of The Beatles. This activity was a hassle to Harrison and McCartney but Starr never thought about it in such a way. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 1971, Lennon commented,

Ringo was all right, so was Maureen [Starkey, Starr’s wife], but the other two really gave it to us.”

Lennon was often times irritated by how his wife was treated by his bandmates. He continued, “You can quote Paul, it’s probably in the papers, he said it many times at first he hated Yoko and then he got to like her. But, it’s too late for me. I’m for Yoko. Why should she take that kind of s*** from those people?” Lennon added,

I’ll never forgive them, I don’t care what f***in’ s*** about Hare Krishna and God and Paul with his ‘Well, I’ve changed me mind,’” he said. “I can’t forgive ’em for that, really. Although I can’t help still loving them either.”

Switching the topic back to Ringo, he was warm with Ono. Ringo revealed that he was curious as she was always around them. This led to him understanding what kind of relationship Ono and Lennon had. During an interview with Newsday in 1981, he commented,

“Well, I understood it.”
“At first it was a bit weird that she was sitting on the amp. The famous quote: ‘She’s sittin’ on the amp in the studio — what’s she doing?’ I spoke to John once, and he said, ‘You go tell your wife at the end of the day what you’ve done in four sentences, but you’ve lived a whole day. This way, we know exactly what the other one is doing.’ That’s how Barbara [Starr’s second wife] and I now live our lives.”

“I’ve always liked the woman. I’ve always felt she was strong. And I always loved her when she used to do her art exhibitions. I liked that craziness about her. She was good for John because she had these crazy ideas, too.”

Ringo and Ono’s relationship is as pure as it gets. He understood her’s and Lennon’s obsession with each other. Starr totally loved them as a couple and his kindness and warmness is something Lennon would not forget. Ringo even consoled her when John was assassinated and was the only Beatle to be at her side during such a hard time. Ringo truly is a kind man.

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