Ringo Starr confirms George Harrison will play on new the Beatles song

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Ringo Starr recently provided some exciting insights into the highly anticipated “new song” by The Beatles, which is set to be released later this year.

There has been some confusion surrounding the use of AI in the song’s production, particularly regarding the vocals of the late John Lennon. However, in a recent interview on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, Ringo firmly denied any fabrication of John’s voice, stating that they would never resort to such methods.

Additionally, it has been unveiled that George Harrison had recorded his part for the song prior to his passing. Ringo expressed his admiration for George’s contribution, describing it as beautiful. He further emphasized that this upcoming release will serve as the final song by the four members of The Beatles, adding a poignant significance to its release.

To clarify any doubts about the song’s authenticity, Paul McCartney had previously addressed the issue, assuring fans that the song is not artificially or synthetically created. Paul remained tight-lipped about specific details but emphasized that the song is entirely real, with all four band members actively participating in its creation.

In a recent discussion about the song’s production process, Paul shed light on how Peter Jackson’s documentary, “The Beatles: Get Back,” played a role in retrieving John’s vocals from deteriorated cassette tapes. By utilizing AI technology, they were able to separate John’s vocals and piano from the recordings, allowing them to focus on individual elements.

Paul described the approach, saying, “This is the voice, and this is the guitar. Take the guitar out.” Armed with a demo owned by John, they embarked on the collaborative effort to bring the song to completion. Paul revealed that they have recently finished working on it and are planning to release it later this year. The process involved extracting John’s voice, utilizing AI to remove any unnecessary parts, and then proceeding with the mixing phase as they typically would.

Fans can eagerly anticipate this final song by The Beatles, featuring George Harrison’s heartfelt contribution and preserving the essence of the iconic band’s legacy.

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