Robby Krieger Doesn’t Listen To The Doors Anymore

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In a recent interview with Guitar World, Robby Krieger shared why he rarely listens to the Doors’ music anymore.

When asked if he revisits the band’s catalog, the guitarist explained:

“Not really, unless I’m planning to include a song in one of my live shows that I haven’t played for many years. I hear a lot of our stuff on the radio all the time anyway. I think the songs still hold up pretty well.”

Krieger noted the diverse audience at his shows, which includes both original fans and a significant number of younger people:

“What makes me say that is when I look at the people who come to my live shows, and you’ve got original fans, plus a big percentage of younger people who’ve also discovered the band. They really seem to be into what the Doors did.”

Despite not often listening to the Doors, Krieger has his favorites from the band’s six albums released while Jim Morrison was alive. He particularly likes their debut album from 1967 and ‘L.A. Woman’ from 1971. He said:

“Definitely the first, self-titled album [from 1967], as we’d had months and months of playing the stuff every night at the Whiskey. I think ‘L.A. Woman’ is probably my next favorite, mostly because of the way we recorded it, as we were jamming on a lot of the tracks until they became songs.”

Krieger also spoke about the song ‘Riders on the Storm’:

“‘Riders on the Storm’ started off as a surf tune – then it somehow morphed into what it became. After Jim passed, we did a couple of albums with John, Ray, and me. I think there were some great songs on those albums, although they don’t get a lot of attention.”

On January 19, 2024, Krieger and his new band, the Soul Savages, released their debut album, ‘Robby Krieger & the Soul Savages.’ The record features 10 instrumental tracks and includes keyboardist Ed Roth, bassist Kevin ‘Brandino’ Brandon, and drummer Franklin Vanderbilt.

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