Robert Plant finished a show on his own after Alison Krauss left the stage

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After Alison Krauss departed the stage during a performance in Las Vegas on June 14, Robert Plant was left to continue the performance alone.

On June 14, the duo performed in Las Vegas as part of their US and Canadian tour, but Krauss fled the stage midway through “When The Levee Breaks” and never came back.

In a YouTube video of the whole performance, Krauss and Plant can be seen briefly chatting before Krauss exits the stage during the song. After finishing the set alone, Plant joined the rest of the band on stage for the encore, but without Krauss. He then sang “Searching For My Love” alone.

The song “Searching For My Love” isn’t a regular in Plant and Krauss’ set list, and Plant’s encore solo performance of it in Las Vegas, which appeared to be spontaneous, was just the sixth time he’s played it live.

For the peculiar way the episode ended, there has been no explanation. May’s tour was hampered by the cancellation of the May 9 and May 10 performances “due to circumstances beyond our control.” The initial May 15 show was completely canceled, and the new dates for those performances were June 27 and May 15, respectively.

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