Robert Plant On Performing Zeppelin Hit Without Jimmy Page: ‘It Was A Trial By Fire’

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In a recent candid interview with Rolling Stone, Robert Plant delved into his profound experience performing ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ hinting it could have been his final rendition. This momentous occasion took place at a charity event in Oxfordshire, marking Plant’s first performance of the song since Led Zeppelin’s reunion at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert in London on December 10, 2007.

The event, orchestrated by Andy Taylor, formerly of Duran Duran and The Power Station, aimed to support The Cancer Platform charity. Reflecting on the emotional weight of singing this monumental track again, Plant described the experience as “cathartic.”

Plant shared insights into the sentimental value ‘Stairway to Heaven’ holds for him, emphasizing its significance due to the memories it evokes of his time with bandmates Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. Despite its challenges, he found solace in its performance, acknowledging the song’s profound personal importance and the emotional journey it encapsulated.

Over the years, Plant has openly discussed his mixed feelings towards ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Despite its iconic status and widespread acclaim, he has experienced a sense of detachment from the song, expressing a desire to distance himself from its repeated performance. In a 1988 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Plant revealed his reluctance to sing it at every concert, highlighting a shift in its relevance and meaning.

In 2022, Plant also spoke about the overwhelming emotions triggered by the song, linking it to significant historical and political contexts of its time. Yet, despite these complex feelings, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ remains a poignant reminder of a pivotal era in his life and career.

Beyond his reflections on this Led Zeppelin classic, Plant is excited about future musical explorations. He and Alison Krauss are preparing for a North American tour, the Can’t Let Go Tour, with 28 dates planned across June, August, and September, promising fans a blend of new musical experiences and collaborations.

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