Robert Plant Says He’s Now the Guy on ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ Cover

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Robert Plant talked about him living off-grid and transforming himself into the man seen on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV. Now, the 74-years old singer has announced that he looks like the man on the cover of the album ‘Led Zeppelin IV’.

The legendary singer talked about it during one of the episodes of his podcast Digging Deep. He was exploring the scenes of various songs of his career. Robert talked about ‘Bron-Yr-Stomp’ from Led Zeppelin III. It was an acknowledgment of the Wales cottage where the majority of Led Zeppelin III was written.

During his childhood, the singer spent his vacations at a remote house in Wales. In 1970, the singer returned to the house with Jimmy Page. There was no electricity and no local services. According to the story from Loudwire, after an exhaustive tour in support of their first two album, the band members sought some tranquility and ended up at the Bron-Yr-Aur cottage in Snowdonia, Wales for a bit of a getaway. That place helped them break from all the chaos and disturbances that they had to experience as a band.

Talking in his podcast Digging Deep, he said, “I was tuned into that anyway. It was fine; it was really good. It was a beautiful place and all those things were part of the bargain. … You’re there for a reason and you’re just in it, so all that actually adds to it – the idea of going outside and bringing in kindling.”

Robert also added, ”

“In fact, the old guy with the sticks on his back on Zeppelin IV. … I’m now that guy! I pick up kindling everywhere I go and wrap it around with a piece of baling twine and shunt it on my back just in case anyone’s driving by, and they go, ‘There’s that guy from the Led Zeppelin IV album cover!'”

Be sure to listen to the full podcast down below.

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