Robert Plant Weighs In on Beatles-Stones Feud

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Robert Plant has said that the continuing conflict between The Rolling Stones, a British rock band, and Beatles vocalist Paul McCartney should end in an interview with The Rolling Stone’s Music Now program. How? McCartney “should just play bass with The Stones,” according to Plant.

In a recent interview, Paul McCartney compared The Stones to a “blues cover band,” but Plant suggests that if he took up the four-string and played along with the Mick Jagger-fronted band, he could reconsider his mind.

Robert said, “I don’t think there’s any fighting, They’ve known each other since 1963. They love each other desperately.”Oddly, Roger Daltrey of The Who also criticized The Stones, calling them a “mediocre pub band.” Plant, though, made no remarks about it. On the program, Plant’s current musical partner Alison Krauss performed with him.  Robert Plant served as the main singer for the renowned British rock band Led Zeppelin. Raise the Roof, the duo’s newest album was just released.

Highlights from the conversation include Plant criticizing fellow British rocker Eric Clapton for boycotting venues that needed the COVID-19 vaccination. Clapton notably spoke out against the restrictions. Plant laughed as he spoke of Clapton. He said, “Good old Eric. He didn’t like the jab—but he had the jab.”

In his remarks, Plant also discussed exiting the Led Zeppelin shadow. “I was always trying to escape the shadow of what had happened to me between 1968 and 1980. So I was trying so many different things just to expand myself without really worrying about taking along an audience that only wanted me to be on autopilot.”

“I made good music and I made questionable music, but I did it all with great flurry. And there’s only a minor embarrassment now, maybe perhaps a few dodgy haircuts. I mean, when you’re on maximum rotation on MTV, it’s just, how the hell did that happen? From the hammer of the gods to, um, [1983 solo ballad] ‘Big Log.’”

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