Roger Waters Recalls His Pathetic Situation After Leaving Pink Floyd

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Roger Waters recently engaged with fans on Instagram, sharing insights into his post-Pink Floyd journey. When asked about his toughest concert, he recounted the logistical challenges of performing ‘The Wall’ in Berlin after leaving the band in 1990.

Reflecting on his early solo shows, Waters recalled a moment of painful irony during the ‘K.A.O.S. On The Road’ tour when he accidentally split his lip with a microphone. While Pink Floyd played to massive crowds, Waters found himself in smaller venues, shaping his character through adversity.

Despite parting ways with Pink Floyd, Roger Waters maintained a connection to their music in his solo career, incorporating their songs into his shows. Albums like ‘Radio K.A.O.S.,’ ‘Amused To Death,’ and ‘Is This The Life We Really Want?’ showcased his creative evolution. More recently, he revisited Pink Floyd classics with ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux,’ released in 2023 to mark the album’s 50th anniversary.

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