Roger Waters Names The Pink Floyd Album He Wishes To Rerecord

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In a recent interactive session on social media, Roger Waters opened up to his followers about his thoughts on reworking a Pink Floyd classic. When a fan posed the question about revisiting any Pink Floyd album for a redo, Waters didn’t hesitate to express his reservations about ‘The Final Cut’s production.

He specifically critiqued certain production choices he made with James Guthrie and Michael Kamen, especially in terms of the mixing balance, notably the drum levels in several tracks.

Waters shared his longing for a more stripped-down and organic rendition of the songs, imagining how they would resonate if performed by a cohesive band, focusing less on theatricality and more on the raw essence of the music.

He cited ‘Possible Pasts’ as an example, mentioning his particular dissatisfaction with the overly dramatic and intense drum sequence in the track.

The feedback from fans in the comments was mixed. Some resonated with Waters‘ sentiment, pointing out the overshadowing of crucial elements in the mix due to the production style of that era, and suggesting the intriguing possibility of releasing the multitracks for fans to re-engineer.

Others staunchly defended ‘The Final Cut’ as it stands, cherishing the album’s theatrical intensity and urging Waters to preserve his distinctive style, which they believe adds a unique flair to his creations.

‘The Final Cut’ holds a significant place in Pink Floyd’s discography as Waters’ last album with the band. Not only did he pen all the songs and take the lead on vocals (except ‘Not Now John’), but the album also represents a period when Waters and David Gilmour initially maintained a harmonious relationship, even bonding over video games like ‘Donkey Kong’.

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