Roger Waters Shares about Singing Pink Floyd Songs Without David Gilmour

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Pink Floyd was one of the first British psychedelic groups. They were distinguished by their great experimentation, philosophical lyrics, and extended live shows. Cited by many other progressive rock bands, they are the all-time favorite of many people.

. Even though they were the ones on the top, there was tension in the band. Following the same personal tension, Wright left in 1979 and Waters followed the same path in 1985. It was all due to creative disputes they had. In a recent conversation with Uncut Magazine Gilmour reflected on Roger Waters leaving the band.

Gilmour reveals, “By 1984, Roger had very obviously decided that enough was enough for him, I hadn’t decided that enough was enough for me. So I imagine I thought, ‘Yes, we’ll go back to doing [Pink Floyd].'”

Rogers Waters also shared that he was uncomfortable around Gilmour. During an interview some months ago with The Globe and Mail, he said that he was comfortable without David. There was a proper collaboration between Roger and David back in the day. This led to the rise of Pink Floyd in its glory days. They wrote songs together and created music that richened the perspective of music.

Although they were working together, their artistic differences were obvious from the very start. They disagreed on many things and they had to separate their ways. Following the dispute, Roger Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985. He then continued his solo career where he performs Pink Floyd songs from time to time. In that interview, he revealed that he was exposed to pressure to play specific Pink Floyd songs from “The Dark Side of the Moon” live. Rogers said things about performing Pink Floyd songs.

“You were there, so you know I played a lot of ‘The Dark Side of the Moon,’ to some extent against my better judgment. I am under pressure from all those people to deliver some of that to them. And I enjoy it because I wrote the songs, and I still like them and stand by what I said in ‘Us and Them’ and ‘Money’ and ‘Eclipse.’ I have no problem performing those songs and ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ with this band.”

Back to the Uncut Magazine interview, Nic Mason also had things to say about Rogers leaving the band. He revealed, “We’d be partly in the studios and partly in the lawyers’ office.” He remembered, “‘Was Roger going to injunct?’ And the answer was, of course, he couldn’t, because he’d left the band, and the one thing clear in all our contractual arrangements was that if someone left, they left, and the band continued without them… That gave David and me the authority to carry on.”

He added, “We laid everything on it, There was a sense of trepidation over what it would be like without Roger, so we slightly over-egged the pudding in terms of lots of session players. Some of [post-Waters album A Momentary Lapse of Reason is] overproduced, far too much stuff on it…”

Pink Floyd released a set of rarities and b-sides, The Later Years on November 29.

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