Roger Waters Unveils Complete Re-Recording of The Dark Side of the Moon: Stream

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Renowned artist Roger Waters has made a surprising return to the music scene with an audacious new project: a reimagined version of Pink Floyd’s iconic album, The Dark Side of the Moon, entirely devoid of the involvement of his former bandmates. You can now experience The Dark Side of the Moon Redux on Apple Music or Spotify.

This endeavor not only serves as Waters’ opportunity to assert himself above his estranged colleagues but also as a chance to contemporize the album’s message in light of his own growth and reflection.

In Waters’ own words, “The original Dark Side of the Moon feels, in some respects, like a reflection on the human condition from the perspective of an elder. However, when considering how young Dave [Gilmour], Rick [Wright], Nick [Mason], and I were when we created it, and when observing the state of the world today, it’s evident that the message hasn’t quite endured. That’s why I embarked on this journey, to infuse the wisdom of an 80-year-old into a reimagined rendition.”

Nonetheless, this project is far from a mere replica of the original music, akin to Taylor Swift’s recent re-recordings of her discography. Waters has undergone substantial alterations to the songs; “Us and Them” is pared down to its bare essence with his voice taking center stage, while “Money” undergoes a deliberate deceleration and is rendered in a much deeper register compared to the original recording.

Roger Waters served as the project’s producer, collaborating with Gus Seyffert, with musicians Joey Waronker, Jonathan Wilson, Johnny Shepherd, and Jon Carin providing instrumental support.

Waters is set to captivate audiences with live performances of the “redux” version at London’s Palladium on October 8th and 9th, followed by an extensive winter tour throughout South and Central America. Tickets for all his forthcoming shows are available for purchase.

The release of The Dark Side of the Moon Redux coincides with heightened scrutiny directed at Waters. Persistent allegations of antisemitism, long associated with the outspoken artist, were recently reinforced by a documentary shedding light on personal interactions between Waters and two of his former Jewish collaborators.

These interactions have been described as contentious at best. Even David Gilmour, Waters’ former bandmate, endorsed the documentary titled “The Dark Side of Roger Waters” on social media, adding further fuel to the controversy.

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