Ronnie Radke Accuses Lizzo Of Feeding The Culture That Canceled Her

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The music industry has been rocked by the recent news that Lizzo was dropped from her spot at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show due to accusations of abuse from her former dancers.

This has sparked a heated debate about cancel culture, with some individuals speaking out against it and others defending Lizzo.

Ronnie Radke, the lead vocalist of Falling In Reverse, took to Twitter to criticize the singer and the cancel culture, stating that “Lizzo getting canceled is a direct example of the mob eating their own, they got no one else to cancel, so they start canceling themselves.”

He went on to argue that cancel culture only works on people like Lizzo because she was once a part of the mob, pandering to the woke mentality preaching equality when in reality she was doing exactly what she said she hated.

On the other hand, Grimes, a well-known musician, defended Lizzo following the lawsuit and accusations from her ex-dancers.

In a series of tweets, she wrote that she loves Lizzo and that loyalty matters to her. She also stated that Lizzo was kind to her and others for a decade before she was “cool,” and that she has only ever seen exemplary behavior from her.

This controversy has highlighted the ongoing debate about cancel culture and its impact on the music industry.

While some argue that it is necessary to hold individuals accountable for their actions, others believe that it has gone too far and is now being used to silence individuals who express unpopular opinions.

As the music industry continues to grapple with these issues, it remains to be seen how they will be resolved.

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