RUSH’s Alex Lifeson favorite guitarist of all time

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The Rush band has gained many diehard fans because of their extraordinary rock skills. They are renowned over the whole world and the success they have gained wouldn’t have been complete without the help of all team members.

Each member of the band has given their best performance to earn the present and it wouldn’t have been possible without the effort and skills of the talented guitarist, Alex Lifeson.

Decades keep on passing and as time starts to move on, they gain more adoration. The band’s iconic drummer, Neil Peart, and bassist, Geddy Lee have stated that the rise of their band over the decades couldn’t have been possible without the talent and skills of Alex Lifeson.

Each fundamental part of the song is important to keep up together. Peart used to create a foundation for the group and Lifeson used to ignite that fire by creating some of the best sonic structure sounds. Alex Lifeson is a prominent figure in the band that has been in the spotlight for the band as a lead guitarist.

Alex Lifeson only talks about his skill often in the public and most of the time he stays quiet but when it comes to his favorite topic, he just can’t remain quiet, and my favorite subject we mean, guitars.

Lifeson is a talented guitarist and by being a guitar her himself, it can be hard for him to choose an idol for himself. But like all other musicians, everyone has their own favorite list, right? But when he was asked about his favorite guitarist, he had another name while many have the names like Jimi Hendrix and  Jimmy Page.

Alex Lifeson’s favorite guitarist

Back in 2014 in an interview with Music Radar, he finally revealed his favorite guitarist and mentioned him as an underrated one. Let’s take a look at who is this underrated guitarist that he is talking about!

“I’ve come across many players over the years and I’ve learned a lot from a lot of players. But I think one of the most underrated players – and he’s respected. But he just didn’t get the recognition he deserved – is Steve Morse (Deep Purple guitarist).” 

While he was in the interview with Music Rafer he recalled his guitar hero and picked Steve Morse as his favorite guitarist. He mentions that Steve was an underrated guitarist and wasn’t getting the recognization he was supposed to.

“I remember when we were playing with The Steve Morse band and he’d be there when we were there at soundcheck, at three or four o’clock in the afternoon. I’d just watch him and he’d be wandering around the hall playing and warming up.” 

Back in the 80s, Lifeson witnessed Morse, and that moment remained a remarkable one for him.

“They’d always play a different song every night for their soundcheck and he was just such an amazing player. He has such an amazing ability.” Looking through the comments he made, we can be sure that Morse really was an inspiration for him. He continues to praise him,

“I always thought that he should have been huge in whatever he did. He was definitely successful in whatever bands he worked in, but I don’t think that he ever had the kind of recognition that he so deserved. So I’d have to say, Steve Morse.”

This was one of the epic moments because a hero was defining his hero. In the spotlight of Rush, Lifeson was stating his favorite guitarist, and such a moment should be listened to carefully.

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