Rumors About Sammy Hagar’s Offer To David Gilmour

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Sammy Hagar someone who is known as the second lead vocalist of Van Halen is a cool dude. He’s tasted success both in a band and in his solo career. His musical style always revolved around hard rock and heavy metal. Being the legend he is, Sammy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

Today, Let’s go back to a rumor about Sammy Hagar’s offer to David Gilmour.

While Hagar was recording his ninth solo album, ‘I Never Said Goodbye’ at A&M Studios he got a chance to meet Pink Floyd. They also built a great friendship around fast cars and fine wine. Pink Floyd was also in a separate room at A&M recording ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’.

He and Pink Floyd both were busy as they had to make their recordings in time. But according to Hagar, they made time to socialize with each other. Hagar said, “Nick Mason was there. Every day I’d drive one of my different Ferraris [and] they are Ferrari collectors themselves, So they’d be waiting for me and we’d have long chats about my various cars.”

And then, the rumor was about Gilmour and Hagar’s collaboration.

Hagar reveals, “David Gilmour and I discussed fine wines, we both had collections.” Around the same time, rumors circulated on how Gilmour guested on ‘I Never Said Goodbye.’ But that’s something that never happened. According to Sammy, “He was never asked to play on the record.”

They simply hung out and had their best times. Hagar talked about the sessions. He remembered that Pink Floyd was having difficulties with drum performance for “The Dogs of War.” He disclosed, “It was a shuffle, and I guess Nick wasn’t playing it right, I tried to get [Montrose and Hagar drummer] Denny Carmassi on it.”

Hagar is still a big fan of Pink Floyd. He revealed, Pink Floyd has always influenced his music. He revealed, “If you listen to my Red album, the song ‘Red,’ it’s got all of these changes. It goes through all of these [moments]. I’m a prog guy. I have a hard time simplifying things, I like to keep going. They say, ‘Well, you don’t need all of those parts,’ and I’m going, ‘Yeah, I do!’” Sammy concluded with,

“I’m a Pink Floyd nut, To me, my favorite band in the world ever has got to be Pink Floyd, and maybe Tool. Two dark, weird-ass bands.”

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