Sammy Hagar Reveals His ‘Free Show’ Promise To Van Halen Fans

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Sammy Hagar recently divulged a behind-the-scenes incident that nearly led to Van Halen’s breakup, costing them a hefty sum. This revelation was made in a YouTube video.

During the band’s 1988 ‘Monsters of Rock’ tour, Hagar recollected a particular performance in Dallas, Texas. “After performing for about two weeks, we had a two-night gig at the Cotton Bowl. That night, my voice just failed me. As I took the stage and tried to sing, not a single note came out. In my panic, I turned to the audience and said, ‘Tonight, you’ll be the singers. I’ll be here with you. And to make up for this, we’ll come back for a free performance.'”

This impromptu promise led to some turbulence within Van Halen. Hagar continued, “True to our word, we returned for the free concert. However, staging it set us back around $200,000. The event, named the Dallas Alley, drew a massive crowd of about 80,000. Photos from that day are scattered across the web. But that gesture, noble as it was, almost led to the dissolution of Van Halen.”

This memorable free concert by Van Halen occurred on December 4, 1991, three years post Hagar’s on-stage pledge in 1988. For those interested in the entire anecdote and footage from the concert, they can explore the linked video below.

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