Sammy Hagar Says Reconciling With Eddie Van Halen Before His Death Meant Everything To Him

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During a recent interview with Fox News, Sammy Hagar opened up about the healing of his relationship with the late Eddie Van Halen before the iconic guitarist’s passing. Hagar expressed the profound significance of their renewed connection, emphasizing the value of their conversations and the importance of expressing love for one another. Without this reconciliation, Hagar admitted he would have been filled with regret and unable to discuss their bond. He spoke about the positive impact it has had on his ability to talk about his time in Van Halen, as it signifies the burying of past grievances and a newfound sense of unity.

The passing of Eddie Van Halen in October 2020 was a result of cancer complications, as confirmed by his son. Hagar joined Van Halen as David Lee Roth’s replacement in 1985, contributing to the recording of four successful studio albums that reached the top of the charts in the United States.

Reflecting on the years of estrangement from Eddie after his departure from Van Halen, Hagar expressed a deep appreciation for their reconnection. He highlighted Eddie’s unique creativity and his ability to surprise and inspire him with his unconventional musical ideas. The restoration of their relationship allowed Hagar to cherish Eddie even more, while lamenting the missed opportunity for a Van Halen reunion that could have headlined festivals worldwide.

Hagar shared how they began reconnecting in early 2020, discussing plans to write music together and embark on a tour in 2022. Unfortunately, Eddie’s health deteriorated, and Hagar, unaware of the severity, would worry when Eddie didn’t respond to his calls or texts, only to find out later that he had been in the hospital. Despite Eddie’s health battles spanning almost two decades, he remained resilient and continued to deliver exceptional live performances, much to Hagar’s admiration.

In his autobiography, “Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock,” Hagar criticized Eddie’s appearance and behavior during their 2004 reunion tour, describing it as a challenging and unpleasant experience. Eddie questioned the accuracy of certain embellished details in the book, particularly portraying him as an angry drunk.

In November 2020, Eddie’s son Wolfgang disclosed that his father had contemplated a “kitchen-sink tour” featuring not only Michael Anthony but also vocal contributions from both Hagar and Roth. There were even discussions about bringing back Gary Cherone, who had previously recorded one album with Van Halen in 1998, titled “Van Halen III.”

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