Sammy Hagar Was Intimidated And ‘Dwarfed’ Across Rod Stewart

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Sammy Hagar, a legendary rocker, recently posted a video to Twitter in which he recalled a special meeting he had with Rod Stewart. Hagar went out in the film about his adoration for Stewart and the surprising intimidation he experienced when they met paths, providing a rare insight into his private life.

Hagar has been a huge Rod Stewart admirer from the start of his career. When they eventually met in person, Stewart made Hagar feel terrified despite his tremendous affection for the British rock icon. The Red Rocker, who was still establishing his way in the business with his band Montrose, was profoundly affected by Stewart’s imposing presence and that of his then-girlfriend Britt Ekland.

Hagar described in great detail in the film the fateful encounter that had him stunned and in wonder. He was watching The Doobie Brothers play with his drummer Denny Carmassi when Stewart and Ekland entered the room dressed to the nines. Hagar’s first reaction of fanboy awe swiftly gave way to an overpowering feeling of intimidation as he realized that he was too frightened to approach his hero.

Sammy adds that the meeting occurred when he was in his mid-20s and performing with Montrose as the Doobie Brothers’ opening act in Europe. As it turned out, Rod only had to walk in with his then-wife Britt Eckland in hand and absolutely floor everyone in the room to impress the young rocker.

In his own words, Hagar described the incident:

Have I ever been a fanboy? Me? Absolutely! If I would’ve ever seen Elvis [Presley], I would’ve gone crazy, but I was just really young then. I just remember I was always a Rod Stewart fan when I first started Montrose. I was playing in Europe, Montrose was on tour, and The Doobie Brothers were headlining Montrose’s opening. My drummer, Denny Carmasi, and I were staring at the side of the stage, watching The Doobie Brothers.

And in walks Rod Stewart in a yellow suit, shiny, hair all spiked up. Britt Eckland was with him, and she was, like, you know, leopard skin. They were just superstars. They looked like the most charismatic superstars on the planet. They walked up next to us, and it was like – I couldn’t even go up and introduce myself. I was a fan, but he was so charismatic that I was just dwarfed.

Denny and I looked at each other like, ‘Let’s get out of here, man! He might see us!’ We were so intimidated. We didn’t want to be around him. We thought he was going to ask us to go get him a coke or to take this coat and say, ‘Go hang it up for me’ or something. Honestly, I’ve never been so starstruck in my life. I have met Rod since then. He’s always very charismatic. He’s always dressed to the nines. He’s got it, man. He’s a superstar, and he blew my mind.

A fascinating and interesting look into the world of rock stars is provided by Sammy Hagar’s open account of his encounter with Rod Stewart. The video serves as a reminder that these legendary personalities may still be in awe of their own idols despite their popularity and fortune. Fans will undoubtedly like this energizing and humorous glimpse at these legendary performers’ private lives.

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