Sebastian Bach Shares His Disappointment About David Lee Roth

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Sebastian Bach, frontman of Skid Row, recently shared his feelings of disappointment regarding David Lee Roth in a candid interview with Paltrocast. Bach recounted a poignant excerpt from Roth’s book where the Van Halen icon recounted feelings of loneliness and a vow to never have a real friend again.

This struck a chord with Bach, prompting him to reach out to Roth with hopes of forging a genuine connection. However, his attempts at friendship didn’t unfold as anticipated.

Reflecting on his encounter with Roth, Bach expressed his initial excitement at the prospect of befriending the legendary rocker, who had always been warm and amicable towards him. Armed with Roth’s cell phone number, Bach eagerly reached out, envisioning a burgeoning friendship. However, his efforts were met with silence, leaving him feeling disappointed and perplexed.

Despite the lack of response, Bach remains hopeful for a chance to connect with Roth on a personal level, extending an open invitation for a hangout session.

Turning back the clock to 1985, when Roth departed Van Halen to pursue a solo career, Bach found himself on the cusp of a potential opportunity to join the iconic band. With Roth’s departure and Sammy Hagar taking the reins, followed by the brief tenure of Gary Cherone, Van Halen was in flux.

Bach revealed that there were discussions about him stepping into the lead singer role, although he never got the chance to audition. Speculating on the reasons behind this missed opportunity, Bach hinted at potential reluctance from management to see him depart from Skid Row.

As the saga of Van Halen’s lineup changes unfolded over the years, Bach’s almost association with the legendary band remains a fascinating footnote in rock history.

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