Skid Row’s Erik Grönwall Breaks Silence Over Sebastian Bach Dissing Him

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Erik Grönwall, the current vocalist of Skid Row, recently shared his perspective on being compared to other singers, particularly addressing comments made by former lead Sebastian Bach. Grönwall, in his latest YouTube Q&A session, expressed indifference to comparisons, finding them to be a natural and enjoyable aspect of fan culture.

Grönwall, despite frequent comparisons to Bach, harbors no ill will towards his predecessor. When asked if he has had any interaction with Bach since taking over as Skid Row’s frontman, Grönwall responded negatively. He expressed deep respect for Bach’s work, particularly on the band’s first two albums, citing them as influential in his own musical journey. Grönwall praised Bach’s work on ‘Slave To The Grind,’ ranking it among the top vocal performances in rock history.

In contrast to Bach’s occasional jabs at him online, Grönwall maintains a positive attitude, expressing a desire to meet and thank Bach for his inspiration.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Bach, famous for his tenure with Skid Row until 1996, has occasionally poked fun at Grönwall. During performances, such as on the ‘Kiss Kruise’ and at the Northern Lights Music Fest, Bach sarcastically referenced Grönwall’s ‘Swedish Idol’ performance of ’18 And Life,’ the song that marked a significant milestone in Bach’s own career.

Discussions about Skid Row’s financial prospects with Bach have also surfaced. Despite some opinions suggesting a reunion with Bach could be lucrative, bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo remain skeptical. Bolan, addressing these speculations, pointed out that a reunion with Bach wouldn’t drastically increase the band’s earnings. The band, having moved on from Bach, continues to evolve with new frontmen like Grönwall.

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