Selena Gomez to Play Linda Ronstadt in New Biopic

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Selena Gomez’s latest venture into the world of cinema has been officially announced, as she takes on the role of the legendary Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biographical film.

The buzz surrounding Gomez’s casting began when she posted a captivating photo on her Instagram account, showcasing Linda Ronstadt’s 2013 memoir, “Simple Dreams.”

Currently, in the pre-production phase, this highly anticipated movie will be meticulously overseen by none other than Ronstadt’s long-time manager, John Boylan, alongside the talented James Keach.

While the project is generating a great deal of excitement, specific details regarding the film’s release date are being kept tightly under wraps.

The Culmination of a Remarkable Journey

Linda Ronstadt gracefully exited the music stage in 2011, later divulging her heartbreaking diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 2013, which tragically silenced her magnificent voice. Her poignant farewell album, “Adieu False Heart,” graced our ears in 2006, and her final live performance left an indelible mark in 2019.

In a candid interview with The New Yorker in 2019, Ronstadt bravely acknowledged her health struggles:

“I’ve come to terms with it. There’s absolutely nothing I can do. I have a variant of Parkinsonism that doesn’t respond to standard Parkinson’s medications, so there’s no treatment available for my condition. It’s known as P.S.P. – Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. I find solace in spending most of my time at home… My friends come over, and we make music together; that’s where I find the most joy: in my living room.”

In the face of adversity, Ronstadt has continued to nurture her creative spirit. In 2022, she added another chapter to her remarkable legacy by publishing a unique book titled “Feels Like Home: A Song for the Sonoran Borderlands.” This extraordinary work blends memoir and cookbook elements, featuring cherished recipes from her upbringing. Notably, both Ronstadt and Gomez share a deep connection to their Mexican heritage.

In an enlightening interview with Rock Cellar in 2022, Ronstadt explained her motivation:

“I often passed as someone of a different ethnicity while growing up in Tucson, during a time of segregation. My name and appearance didn’t immediately reveal my Mexican heritage. Therefore, this endeavor was my way of delving deeper into my Mexican roots and humanizing a culture that is an integral part of me, one that I hold close to my heart.”

In this unique cinematic journey, Selena Gomez steps into the shoes of an icon, bringing to life the incredible story of Linda Ronstadt, a tale of triumph and resilience in the face of life’s most challenging obstacles.

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