‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’: the Led Zeppelin track that brought Dave Grohl to tears

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Musicians frequently get musical inspiration from other musicians. Numerous musicians have drawn inspiration from the works of their predecessors and utilized that inspiration to develop fresh sounds.

Most people can rely on a small number of artists to reinvent themselves each time they play one of their tracks. To name Led Zeppelin Dave Grohl’s favorite band, though, would be an understatement.

Led Zeppelin gave rise to the concept of heavy music and served as the forerunners of what would become metal, offering that kind of escapism to countless artists throughout the years. While talking with Rolling Stone, Grohl mentioned that Led Zeppelin pushed him as a kid. He explained, “To me, Zeppelin were spiritually inspirational. I was going to Catholic school and questioning God, but I believed in Led Zeppelin. I wasn’t really buying into this Christianity thing, but I had faith in Led Zeppelin as a spiritual entity. They showed me that human beings could channel this music somehow and that it was coming from somewhere.”

Grohl continues, “Since I’ve Been Loving You” retains a special place in my heart because of Jimmy Page, even though songs like ‘Black Dog’ are iconic for me.” He added, “When I listen to Zeppelin bootlegs, his solos can make me laugh or they can make me tear up. Any live version of ‘Since I Been Loving You’ will bring you to tears and fill you with joy all at once. Page doesn’t just use his guitar as an instrument. For him, it’s like some sort of emotional translator.”

Following the release of their third album, Led Zeppelin’s version of the classic blues song remained a fan favorite for the duration of their career. The song maintains a blues structure, but Page uses it to show off his guitar skills. He never plays too much; instead, he always serves the music.

They released a third self-titled album, which Grohl liked quite a bit. He was thinking about his life at the time, which is why. He revealed that album was “full of gentle beauty. That was the soundtrack to me dropping out of high school. I listened to it every single day in my VW bug, while I contemplated my direction in life. That album, for whatever reason, saved some light in me that I still have.”

Grohl continued to laud each and every band member, from John Bonham’s primitive drumming to Robert Plant’s raspy cries. Grohl found some solace in Zeppelin back in the day, but once Bonham was discovered dead from alcohol poisoning in Page’s house, they were forever silenced.

Even though Grohl subsequently changed his musical direction, he never lost his admiration for Zeppelin. He played with the same intensity as Bonham and finally jammed with Page and John Paul Jones while the Foo Fighters were performing at Wembley Stadium. Also, he claims that Led Zeppelin’s music taught him how to learn. For Dave, Led Zeppelin could always come back.

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