Skid Row’s Erik Grönwall Breaks Silence Over Sebastian Bach Disrespecting Him

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Erik Grönwall, the current lead vocalist for Skid Row, recently opened up about being compared to former singers and his views on Sebastian Bach’s remarks about him. In a YouTube series answering fan questions, Grönwall addressed the comparisons to Bach, Skid Row’s iconic frontman during their heyday. He expressed indifference to the comparisons, emphasizing that it’s all in good fun and acknowledging that everyone has their own opinions and preferences.

Grönwall hasn’t had any direct communication with Bach since taking over as the band’s lead singer but holds a great deal of respect for Bach’s contributions, especially his work on the band’s first two albums, which Grönwall counts among his personal favorites. He credits those albums, particularly “Slave To The Grind,” as being among the top rock vocal performances and a significant influence on his own singing.

Despite some critical comments from Bach, Grönwall harbors no ill will, stating he would gladly thank Bach for his inspiration if they were to meet. Bach has made playful jabs at Grönwall in the past, referencing his performance of ’18 And Life’ on ‘Swedish Idol’ and making sarcastic remarks during performances. However, Grönwall takes these comments in stride, seeing them as part of the banter.

Sebastian Bach, who led Skid Row until his departure in 1996, has been a subject of nostalgia among fans, some of whom believe the band would be more successful with him as the frontman. However, Skid Row’s current members, including bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo, have downplayed the idea of a reunion boosting their earnings significantly, focusing instead on moving forward with their current lineup.

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