Sebastian Bach Sends A Message To Skid Row Members For A Reunion

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Sebastian Bach, the former frontman of Skid Row, was dismissed in 1996, leading to the band’s temporary hiatus before they reformed as Ozone Monday. Years later, Bach still sees potential for a reunion, citing the band members’ good health and survival as reasons. However, he admits there’s been no contact with his former bandmates since his departure.

Skid Row, reassembled in 1999 without Bach, included Rachel Bolan, Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo, Scotti Hill, Rob Hammersmith, and various lead vocalists over time. Bach remains optimistic about a reunion, attributing the lack of one to business issues rather than personal conflicts.

Dave Sabo, however, has a different viewpoint. In a podcast interview, he expressed no interest in reuniting with Bach, emphasizing the band’s current happiness and satisfaction with their music and members. Sabo feels no need to revisit the past, finding fulfillment in the present lineup.

Skid Row’s vocalist position has seen several changes since Bach’s departure. Johnny Solinger joined in 1999, followed by Tony Harnell and then ZP Theart from DragonForce. In 2022, Erik Grönwall took over, bringing a new energy and fitting seamlessly into the band’s identity. Sabo praises Grönwall’s impact, acknowledging comparisons to Bach but reiterating the lack of necessity for a reunion.

Sabo’s focus remains on the present and future of Skid Row, cherishing the current dynamics and dismissing the idea of revisiting a past that had become toxic. The band continues to evolve, with Grönwall’s addition marking a significant and positive change in its journey.

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