Slash reveals how he got AC/DC legend on new album

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Slash’s new album, “Orgy Of The Damned,” made waves with its first single, a cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Killing Floor,’ featuring Steven Tyler on harmonica and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson on backing vocals.

It’s a bold move to have Johnson, known for his iconic rock vocals, on backing vocals. But Slash, always one to surprise, revealed how the collaboration came to be.

In an interview with Audacy’s Check In, Slash shared, “I had the song, and I was thinking who would be great for it. And Brian came to mind.” Being long-time friends and rock legends from the ’80s scene, Slash felt comfortable asking for a favor.

I’ve known Brian for a long time now. He has that grit in his voice, and it turns out he’s a big Howlin’ Wolf fan,” Slash explained.

There might even be a hint of Johnson’s upcoming project. “He mentioned he’s working on a blues-orchestra thing,” Slash hinted. “Don’t take my word for it, but something like that. Anyway, he was excited to do this song.

For Slash, the key to a successful collaboration is mutual excitement. “When you call these great artists, the song needs to speak to them too, not just me,he emphasized. And Johnson was all in, saying, ‘Yeah, let’s do this.’”

The album doesn’t stop with Johnson. Names like Iggy Pop, Chris Stapleton, Demi Lovato, Gary Clark Jr., and more will join in, celebrating the blues genre in style.

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