Slipknot Perform First Time With New Drummer, Fans Think Eloy Is A Better Fit Than Jay Weinberg

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Amidst the excitement of Slipknot’s recent performances with Eloy Casagrande on drums, fans are buzzing with enthusiasm, hailing him as a better fit for the band compared to Jay Weinberg.

The Sick New World festival, held this past weekend, marked Slipknot’s first major festival appearance with Eloy behind the kit. Fans who attended the show or caught glimpses through fan footage are abuzz with praise, convinced that Eloy has seamlessly integrated into the Slipknot fold. On Reddit, discussions are rife with comparisons, with many asserting Eloy’s superiority:

“Jay fanatics might not like hearing this, but Eloy just clicks better with the band.”

Another Reddit user chimed in:

“Jay’s good, no doubt, but Eloy’s on a whole different level.”

Some fans even credit Eloy with rekindling their interest in Slipknot after a prolonged hiatus:

“After 10 years, Eloy’s drumming has pulled me back into the Slipknot world.”

Notably, Slipknot’s recent performances in Pioneertown, California, on April 25 also featured Eloy on drums, further solidifying his presence within the band.

In a nostalgic nod to their roots, Slipknot donned red jumpsuits and masks reminiscent of their iconic look from 1999, marking 25 years since the band’s inception. This stylistic throwback has garnered positive feedback from fans on Instagram, who appreciate the homage to the band’s early days.

Fueling speculation, Slipknot shared a photo of a broken drumstick resembling those used by Eloy, sparking rumors of his official inclusion in the lineup.

Meanwhile, Jay Weinberg has found his groove with Infectious Grooves, showcasing his enthusiasm for new musical ventures through social media posts and updates.

Eloy Casagrande, formerly of Sepultura, parted ways with the band in February, paving the way for his new endeavors, including his exciting role with Slipknot.

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