Snowy White Reveals David Gilmour’s Sacrifice For Him

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Guitarist Snowy White recently engaged in a conversation with Andrew Daly of Guitar World, where he fondly reminisced about his time collaborating with the legendary band Pink Floyd. White shared insights into his experience working with the band and highlighted how David Gilmour, the band’s guitarist, generously provided him opportunities to showcase his skills, even allowing him to perform some lead guitar parts.

White vividly recalled the preparations leading up to his first tour with Pink Floyd, describing the process as casual yet purposeful. Prior to hitting the road, the band sent him their albums, prompting him to immerse himself in their music. He listened attentively, with a particular focus on the tracks they wanted him to play live. The first album he delved into was “Wish You Were Here,” which he found to be a pleasant experience due to its captivating guitar work. This discovery eased his apprehensions and instilled confidence within him, making him believe that he could not only handle the material but also contribute something valuable to it.

During rehearsals, White arrived with a rough understanding of his role and expectations on each track. He emphasized Gilmour’s generosity, as the renowned guitarist graciously assigned him various guitar parts, including bass, acoustic, rhythm, harmony, and even some lead sections. White expressed admiration for Gilmour’s deep understanding of the songs, as he would instinctively signal White to take the lead or hold back, showcasing Gilmour’s musical intuition and collaborative spirit.

Interestingly, White initially had reservations about collaborating with Pink Floyd, as he was primarily focused on blues music and had little knowledge or interest in the band’s music at the time. In fact, he initially ignored their calls, assuming they were a group of drug-influenced hippies. However, upon receiving encouragement from someone else who recognized the significance of the opportunity, White reconsidered and made the decision to join the band.

Snowy White’s association with Pink Floyd extended beyond the concert tours in 1977 and 1980. He also contributed to Rick Wright’s solo album titled “Wet Dream,” playing guitar on the record. Furthermore, in June 1990, White received a special invitation from Roger Waters to perform with him in the extraordinary “The Wall” show held in Berlin.

In summary, Snowy White’s experience with Pink Floyd encompassed touring with the band, collaborating with individual members on their solo projects, and participating in notable performances. His initial reluctance transformed into a fruitful partnership, where he had the opportunity to not only showcase his skills but also contribute his own musical voice to the iconic sound of Pink Floyd.

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