4 Songs that Prove Kurt Cobain was a Great Guitarist

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With the formation of Nirvana in 1987, there was a rise to grunge rock in the music scene. They totally uplifted and pioneered the grunge culture which had evolved from the Seattle music scene. Cobain was the antithesis of the guitar, with a punk spirit and a great sense of music.

The band was only on the screen for seven years due to Kurt’s suicide but is one of the most influential bands in the world. Cobain’s dedication and craft are known by everyone as he was a phenomenal musician. He was a great rhythm player and also had the ability to play lead.

Over the years, they played great guitar riffs and intense basslines. On top of that, the lyrics, and with it altogether. They created great music with some of the pre-eminent lyrics. Oftentimes, Nirvana’s guitar is underrated and overshadowed. But there’s a lot to look out for as they really had great guitar playing.

Songs that Prove Kurt Cobain was a Great Guitarist

Negative Creep

The song is worth mentioning. From the debut studio album Bleach, the guitar in this song is very deep. With heavy and think guitar sounds, also the screams, “I’m a negative creep and I’m stoned”, it’s the best.

Negative Creep is a performance-based song. It also has a blend of ugliness in it, the raw energy in the whole song gives a grinding feeling. The best combination of guitar riff and intense voice is terrifying in this song.


The guitar in this song is well one of the best. Nirvana’s debut album Bleach had a lot of powerful music. The aggressive riff on the song is great. It also very much blends with the harmony of the song. Also, the slow whirring bassline showcases guitar work of Kurt.

All Apologies

Firstly, there are various versions of All Apologies. This was after the band had tasted success with ‘Nevermind’. They called Steve Albini to record the next thing. The several versions consist of the home demo, slowed-down, and the most loved one Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged recording.

In terms of guitar, the melodic run lights up the whole song. Also, the bass note stands alone but does a great job of making everyone sublime. Other than that, the intense thrashing riff that Cobain plays is awesome.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

The beginning of song starts with an intense thrashing of guitar riffs and other instruments. This is also one of Kurt’s iconic guitar riffs which are known by everyone. Along with it, also the hums of the notes are very recognizable.

The guitar riff is very simple. But it is a perfect one, which gives the song an intense anthemic tone.


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