Steven Tyler names “the best” rock singer ever

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Steven Tyler’s iconic stage presence has become almost legendary. Initially starting his musical journey behind the drums, Tyler quickly realized his destiny lay in captivating audiences with his electrifying stage performances and powerful vocal range, perfectly complemented by Joe Perry’s guitar riffs. As the lead vocalist of Aerosmith, Tyler has secured his place as one of rock’s most enduring voices. However, he humbly acknowledges that the vocal prowess of Robert Plant, a few years his senior, remains unmatched.

Tyler’s passion for music ignited with the British invasion, spearheaded by bands like The Beatles. The transformative power of rock and roll inspired him to dedicate his life to evoking the same emotions in others that he experienced upon his first encounter with the genre.

Throughout his career, Tyler often found his band, Aerosmith, compared to The Rolling Stones, with critics noting similarities between his vocal style and Mick Jagger’s. Despite this, Tyler sees the dynamic between himself and Perry as mirroring that of Jagger and Keith Richards.

Tyler has always admired The Rolling Stones, but his earliest musical infatuation was with The Yardbirds, particularly when they featured a young Jimmy Page. Tyler keenly followed Page’s career, which led him to Robert Plant and the psychedelic sounds of The Band of Joy.

Led Zeppelin, emerging with their blues-infused debut album, quickly became rock legends by crafting unforgettable riffs into hits like ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘Ramble On’. Tyler had the chance to play with Zeppelin members but conceded that Plant’s achievements were unparalleled.

Recalling his experiences with Led Zeppelin, Tyler noted his attendance at rehearsals in the 2000s, pondering the band’s future without Plant. Despite Tyler’s exceptional performances, Plant’s contributions were deemed irreplaceable.

Reflecting on the possibility of joining Zeppelin, Tyler expressed his reverence for Plant’s unique talent, stating, “I didn’t think a band like Led Zeppelin needed a singer like me.” He admired Plant’s confidence and multifaceted abilities, humorously noting Plant’s claim of being able to sing and shear sheep simultaneously—a feat Tyler admitted he couldn’t match.

Tyler’s admiration wasn’t just from afar; he was deeply moved by Zeppelin’s early performances, including a memorable show at the Boston Tea Party during their first U.S. tour. While Tyler proved he could rise to the occasion, the sheer magnitude of Led Zeppelin’s legacy, in his eyes, was something truly unparalleled in the rock world.

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