Stevie Nicks Recalls Her ‘Strange’ Friendship With Prince

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Musicians frequently take influence from other artists they adore. Musicians can draw inspiration from the works of other artists and use those components to create their own distinctive sounds. This strategy can support musicians in honing their craft and discovering their unique style while paying tribute to the artists who have influenced them.

In addition, a lot of musicians are inspired by the creations of other artists, both inside and outside of their own category. Some musicians might even incorporate components of these inspirations into their own music to produce something wholly original and distinctive. A musician may feel inspired to experiment with a comparable style or approach after witnessing another artist’s success with it. A musician’s artistic horizons can be broadened by exposure to new and varied music, which may also motivate them to experiment with new sounds and methods in their own work.

Among such artists is Stevie Nicks who mentioned that Prince inspired her to write one of her songs. She revealed that the song was ‘Stand Back‘ from her second studio album ‘The Wild Heart’.

According to the story, while she and her then-husband Kim Anderson were traveling north to Santa Barbara for their vacation, Nicks heard the late singer’s song “Little Red Corvette” for the first time and was inspired to write the song. She began writing the lyrics for “Stand Back” as soon as she heard Prince’s new single on the radio.

In order to not forget the music, Stevie later purchased a small tape recorder. Prince’s instrumental melody was used by her, but the lyrics and her singing style were entirely distinct. Nicks called Prince after the song was finished to share how his “Little Red Corvette” had inspired her to compose “Stand Back.” Twenty minutes after their contact, they finally got together at Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles.

Nicks also talked about her time with Prince in the studio. She said, “[He] walked over to the synthesizers that were set up, was absolutely brilliant for about 25 minutes, and then left. He spoiled me for every band I’ve ever had because nobody can exactly recreate – not even with two piano players – what Prince did all by his little self.”

Given that he even visited the recording studio to offer her some suggestions, it appears that Prince granted the Fleetwood Mac singer permission to use the melody from his song. Nicks acknowledged that the late singer was the author of “Stand Back,” despite the song’s lack of a songwriting credit on the record.

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