Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Dream About Jimi Hendrix

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We frequently forget that the greats in the music industry were once aspiring musicians who looked up to their own idols when we think of them. Each artist sets out on a special path, exploring the limitless field of imagination, and taking inspiration from those who have come before them. Finding out that a famous artist who has inspired millions of people was once equally as star-struck as the rest of us, mesmerized by the brilliance of their own heroes, has a certain charm to it.

That exact enchantment was felt by blues guitar superstar Stevie Ray Vaughan when his passion for Jimi Hendrix surpassed the bounds of reality and resulted in an extraordinary dream. This intriguing tale illustrates the depth of the late musician’s relationship with the singer of “Purple Haze,” and it provides a compelling illustration of the enormous influence our heroes have on our lives, even in seemingly unrelated ways.

The heartfelt guitar playing and breathtaking concerts that made Vaughan’s name associated with them earned him a place in millions of people’s hearts. Of course, this guitar maestro, who unfortunately passed away in 1990, drew inspiration from a variety of musicians during his career. Hendrix stood out among them as a major influence, influencing the vocalist’s style and passion for the blues.

Stevie Ray couldn’t help but be moved by his idol’s distinctive voice, charisma on stage, and all-around artistic ability. In fact, the Double Trouble member had such a high regard for the guitar prodigy that it went beyond the bounds of reality and into his dreams, leaving him with a priceless memory and a useful lesson.

He revealed his fantastic ambition of jamming with Hendrix in a 1984 MTV interview. The two titans played music together throughout the entire dream while seated side by side. When Vaughan woke up, he reached for his guitar right away in an attempt to recapture the wonder of his dream since it was so real to him.

What he stated throughout the chat is as follows:

“There was one where we waited up; for the whole dream, we sat this far apart [a small distance]. I showed him anything I wanted to show him. He showed me anything he wanted to show me, and we tried to play one time.

Right as a soon as I woke up, I ran to get one of my guitars, but it didn’t work nothing. I finally figured out a few months later that if it had been that easy, I wouldn’t learn anything.”

The singer’s devotion to Hendrix extended beyond his aspirations. In his appearances, he frequently covered the latter’s tunes, demonstrating his respect for the illustrious guitarist by performing songs like “Voodoo Child.” In the same MTV interview, he even discussed his goal to preserve Jimi Hendrix’s musical heritage. He clarified:

“I just do my best to do what I can to carry his music on. This is much as anybody else’s music that I appreciated on my life. I love him like he was my brother.”

In his brief career, Vaughan truly paid respect to Hendrix through his songs and performances and kept on his hero’s spirit even in his nightmares. This fascinating tale and the musician’s desire serve as a reminder that everyone has a hero and that the inspiration we draw from the works of the past fuels our own creative endeavors.




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