Sweet emotion in Philadelphia as Aerosmith starts its farewell tour, and fans dream on

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Aerosmith, Boston’s rock legend, is soon to be a fond memory, joining the ranks of iconic entities like Tom Brady, “Cheers”, and Larry Bird.

Having blessed the world with half a century of timeless rock anthems like “Dream On”, “Walk This Way”, and “Sweet Emotion”, the band kicked off its farewell “Peace Out” tour in Philadelphia. Fans were treated to a spectacular two-hour performance, showcasing why these lads from New England deserve their spot amongst rock’s legends.

Onstage, Steven Tyler’s voice, Joe Perry’s guitar riffs, and Brad Whitford’s chords echoed the golden years. All adorned in black cowboy hats, they took the audience on a journey, starting with the classic “Back In The Saddle.” And of course, Tyler and Perry’s iconic microphone stand pose, draped in signature scarves, was not forgotten.

While hits like “Love In an Elevator” and “Cryin’” got the crowd singing, the night had its bittersweet moments. Tyler missed a few lyrics, and some top tracks were noticeably absent. But given their vast repertoire, one can forgive the omissions.

Surprisingly, despite past incidents with unruly fans in Philadelphia – including an explosive injuring Tyler and Perry in the ’70s – the band chose to return. Tyler even cheekily mentioned these events during the show but swiftly steered the conversation toward his familial ties to the city.

While the night was marked by a few hitches – a premature chorus by Tyler and a brief guitar glitch by Perry – the spirit remained undeterred. Perry even played a guitar gifted by Jeff Beck’s wife, nodding to the guitar maestro’s legacy.

Joey Kramer’s absence was palpable. John Douglas filled in, ensuring the drum beats missed no heartbeats. Bassist Tom Hamilton received roaring applause for “Sweet Emotion”, and whimsical props like an elephant and teddy bear added to the magic during “Toys In The Attic.”

Aerosmith’s collaboration with Run-D.M.C. for “Walk This Way” was a significant moment in music history, uniting rock and rap fans. The song’s performance was a fitting finale, with Tyler whimsically eating a piece of the raining confetti.

The Black Crowes opened the night, though the guitars overshadowed their vocals. A simple suggestion for them: balance those levels, and you’re golden.

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