Taylor Swift names the rock song that changed her life forever

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Taylor Swift, popularly known for her journey from country music to pop, doesn’t have an obvious connection to rock.

However, her music palette is wide-ranging, incorporating influences from different genres, one of which includes the classic rock songwriter from the 70s. This renowned artist shares a similar style with Swift when it comes to music composition and lyrics.

Here, we refer to Carly Simon, who skyrocketed to fame in the 70s due to a string of successful singles like “Anticipation,” “The Right Thing to Do,” and “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain.”

However, it was her 1972 song “You’re So Vain” that truly catapulted Simon into the limelight.

The song serves as a biting critique of a narcissistic lover, featuring the iconic line, “You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you.”

The mystery surrounding the identity of the song’s subject has intrigued fans for years, with Simon revealing that the song refers to three different men, with only one being publicly named: Warren Beatty.

Swift’s career bears a striking resemblance to Carly Simon’s in terms of their songwriting focus on love and heartbreak, relating to her ex-lovers, a theme that resonates with listeners worldwide.

However, this particular approach has also been a source of criticism for Swift, as some argue she lacks versatility in her songwriting themes.

During an interview with American Songwriter, Swift shared how Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” significantly shaped her songwriting style.

She confessed, “After hearing it, it was like a key unlocked this forbidden zone of storytelling for me. You can say exactly what you feel, even if it’s bitter and brash.”

Swift’s appreciation for retro influences became apparent in her music some years later. After revisiting her past albums, she released ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore,’ two albums showcasing a back-to-basics approach to music composition.

Borrowing the earthy styles of instrumentation from Simon, Swift shifted her focus from crafting radio hits to creating songs with standalone narratives that felt more intimate.

In other news, Taylor Swift is scheduled to perform four concerts in Mexico City’s Foro Sol as part of her massive ‘The Eras Tour’ this coming August.

The concerts sold out immediately, causing uproar among fans due to alleged negligence by OCESA and Ticketmaster in managing the ticket sales. In Brazil, a proposed law aims to protect Swift’s fans from ticket scalpers. More details about this situation can be found here.

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