Ted Nugent Admits He Was An Emotional Wreck

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Ted Nugent recently shared insights about his track ‘Fred Bear’ on the Drake And Mike Show.

Nugent reminisced about the emotional journey he underwent while composing the tribute to his mentor, Fred Bear.

Describing that emotionally charged period, Nugent mentioned:

“In our session at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, with Michael [Cartellone] and Gunner [Ross], something magical happened. I was deeply emotional. Instead of penning down the lyrics, I just began to play and sing. I remember calling Michael, my voice uneven with emotion, saying, ‘We need to hit the studio now. There’s a potent vibe with this music that I’m channeling.’”

While his band members weren’t familiar with who Fred Bear was, they recognized Nugent’s emotional depth and supported him in preserving that moment. He elaborated:

“Gunner and Mike might not have known Fred Bear, but they sensed my pain and raw emotions. Both were instrumental in recording the song, which we did hastily one afternoon. What we managed to encapsulate is what the world eventually heard.”

Nugent believed that the emotions infused into the song would resonate with listeners.

He further explained: “I shared a few early tapes of the song with some close to me, including Fred’s widow, Henrietta, our mutual friends, and some passionate bow hunting pals. I was unsure about the song’s future, but I felt that those who held Fred Bear dear would feel the pain and adoration we tried to convey.”

A humorous twist to the tale was the mix-up with the song’s title:

“A radio station picked it up, and the DJ mistakenly thought it was titled ‘Fred, The Bear.’ Regardless, its authenticity and soul resonated with listeners, resulting in a flood of requests. It’s dominated the Michigan charts since its debut in the late ’80s.”

In another conversation, Nugent delved deeper into his relationship with his archery companion. He revealed how the loss of such a close friend profoundly impacted him, making the song flow naturally from him. According to Nugent, it felt almost divine.

He lauded Bear as the pinnacle of bow hunters and remembered him as the kindest and most genuine person he’s ever known.

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