Ted Nugent Congratulates Paul Stanley’s Controversial Stance

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Paul Stanley has sparked debate with his comments on providing children with care that is gender-affirming. The KISS symbol thus received criticism from a variety of sources. Ted Nugent, however, asserted that Stanley unleashed his “beautiful logic” with such words in a recent edition of The Nightly Nuge Show.

Stanley’s remarks on parents encouraging kids to doubt their gender identity sparked contentious discussions and, of course, negative responses. While some agreed with his opinions, others were dismayed and attacked him for appearing to embrace transphobic viewpoints. The controversy over Stanley’s comments immediately grew more heated, forcing the singer to live with the fallout from his beliefs.

Ted Nugent defended Paul Stanley on his Nightly Nuge show, adding that he loved the elegant reasoning underlying Stanley’s comments. Nugent commended Stanley’s work ethic and acknowledged his importance to the music business. Uncle Ted said that this time Stanley had struck the mark.

Ted Nugent stated the following about Paul Stanley:

Well, Paul Stanley, number one, has a work ethic. And the industry and the world never really celebrate the incredible work ethic that James Brown taught us, the hardest-working man in show business. And KISS, and certainly Paul and Gene Simmons, and all the guys, they have an incredible, fire-breathing, animal, unstoppable, indefatigable work ethic.

So when you work your *ss off to put your heart and soul into being the best that you can be, providing the greatest products you can possibly come up with, the greatest performances every night, when you have that kind of logic-driven life, then logic will surface in other ways. And Paul Stanley just unleashed some beautiful logic.”

He went on to discuss Gene Simmons’ position on vaccinations:

“Once again, I love Gene, and I actually contacted him after he made that mistaken statement, and I let him know I still love him, but it was a really ridiculous, cruel, dishonest, totally misrepresentative statement that he said. But this time, Paul Stanley hit the nail on the head. So, yes, women should only compete against women, and men should only compete against men. Wow, that’s radical.”

Ted Nugent spoke forward to support Stanley’s claims despite the fact that many in the rock world disapproved of his ideas. It should be noted, though, that Stanley has modified his earlier statements in response to the outcry. Due to Nugent’s opinions on the transgender community, his performance in Alabama was postponed.




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